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  • Overwhelmed with your new business? Don't know where to start when everything is urgent? 
  • Should you spend your savings launching your idea for a new product or service? (Can someone tell me straight up if it's a good idea?) 
  • Need to do a live event - but what exactly should you do that will justify the spend? 
  • Spending too much of your time searching for files? Having trouble seeing if your team is accomplishing goals? Feel like everything is behind schedule? 


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We have over 30 years of experience making dreams come true


With over 30 years of experience, our first-hand knowledge, industry connections and strategic thinking skills provide you with a solid foundation on which to achieve your goals.


As professional problem solvers and activators, we excel at making what you do work better for you, your team and your customers.


Tailored to suit your specific needs, our strategic and personalized approach ensures your dreams are realized while maintaining your brand's personality and vision.

Our Services

Brand Management

We will help you optimize the clarity, efficiency and success of your brand. We excel at building strong teams, constructing effective organization and communication systems, developing achievable timelines and deliverables, and incorporating strategic budgeting and forecasting, all of which ensures that you can strategically execute your goals.

Business Coaching

We’ll help you design a vision for your business that aligns with your values and goals. No matter what stage your business is at, we will provide you with guidance, support and accountability to set and move through your goals, allowing you to take your business from where it is to where you want it to be.

Brand Development Strategy

We’ll help you develop a long-term plan to achieve a series of goals that will result in the recognition and relevancy of your brand. We’ll achieve success by focusing on the brand’s mission, its commitment to consumers, and how these are communicated through brand awareness, brand equity and brand sentiment.

Product Development

We’ll guide you through your new product’s entire journey, from initial concept briefs through market release. We will help you clarify a vision and concept for your product, develop an effective product roadmap, and lead you through product testing, development and rollout, ensuring you create best-in-class products.

Event Production

We will plan your next event from conception to completion. With over 30 years of experience in event production, no event is too big or too small. From intimate corporate dinners, to multi-million dollar brand launches, to outdoor festivals, to parades, to fashion shows, we will orchestrate all aspects of your bespoke event to ensure both a superior guest experience and effective brand activation.

Marketing Programs

Let's narrow in on your target customers and look at how you and your products are the perfect solution to their problems. We’ll help you plan unique ways to tell a comprehensive story with an omni-channel approach.  From events and launches to email campaigns, AdWords, and organic social, this is where Bright Co. thrives.

Art Direction & Brand Books

From larger endeavors such as establishing or revamping brand image to smaller jobs such as secondary package design, we’ll help pilot your project from conception to completion.  We will help you develop an overarching design concept that is cohesive with your brand identity, establish budgets and timelines and effectively communicate your vision with consumers. We can also help you produce your brand book, an integral document of reference that reinforces strong brand identity, facilitates successful communication strategy and enhances brand recognition.

Artist Testing Programs

Using an extensive network of industry professionals, we can produce analytical reports of new or existing products or shades. We can determine the viability of formulas and products in development, recommend improvements and expansions, and counsel you on market demands and opportunities. 

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We'll help tell your story with


Let us help you identify the great idea from the large list of things you want to accomplish. We'll help build out this "hero" idea so that everything around it makes sense.


It's always better to work together - go from solo entrepreneur to feeling like you have a team behind you (because now you do). We'll tailor our approach and keep you on track to ensure success at a pace you can handle.


We know how to define success, what is on brand and how to best service your customers. We'll bring out the best in you and your products.


We love all versions of bright people and things!

Bright Co is Katherine Ensslen. Katherine has been working in the entertainment and beauty industries for over 30 years and boasts diverse and global experience. From launching multi-million dollar beauty brands; to marketing holistic practitioners; to product testing and trend forecasting; to producing myriad events such as outdoor festivals, fashion shows, charity fundraisers, art auctions, TV productions and retail launch events; she’s done it all. 

In 2015, she realized that running her own company was the best way to bring her distinct knowledge and skills under one roof so she can help bring multiple clients’ visions to life. 

Bright Co now provides clients internationally with tailored support and expertise to achieve the goals they wish to accomplish.


What clients say about Bright Co

Thank you so much for everything- your insights, ideas, support, encouragement. This week would not have gone as successfully as it did without you here. I could have spend spent many more days brainstorming and talking through the ins and outs. You are absolutely brilliant and we love collaborating with you"

Jennifer H.


"Your Report was really informative and exactly what we needed"

Victoria C.


"Thank you so much for your advice and Insight from even our first session! I was able to mobilize the team already and we are (acting) on the plan!"

Dawn G. -


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